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Prior Event Recordings

As you may have heard, our events are very special. That's why we want you to hear what you've been missing... fortunately; our events are professionally recorded by Dave Morton, from Legacy of Learning.

Each recording is only $17 and the audio file will be delivered to you via e-mail.

    When You Add Hollywood Pizzazz to Your Presentation

November 2013

with Patricia Fripp and Michael Hauge

    Sell Less... Win More! - Seven Principles for Helping Speakers Find, Win and Keep Customers for Life

October 2013

with Tim Wackel

    Be the News

September 2013

with Jill Lublin

    How To Turn A Speech Into A Six-Figure Relationship

June 2013

with Ron Karr, CSP, Incoming NSA National President

    Blogging for Your Business
(and Bottom Line)

March 2013

with Evan Marc Katz and Meg Favreau

    Find Your Message and Get Laughs

April 2013

Presented by Judy Carter, Comedian Extraordinaire

    Growing Your Speaking Empire

March 2013

Presented by Ford Saeks

    Why WAIT to be GREAT? - It's either NOW or TOO LATE

January 2013

Presented by Terry Hawkins, CSP

    Internet Marketing: A Three Prong Attack on a Seven Figure Income

October 2012

Presented by Tom Antion

    Book It! The Secret to Bounce!
Turning a Speech into a Life and a Career!

September 2012

Presented by Thomas Winninger

    Creating Distinction in the World of Professional Speaking

August 2012

Presented by Scott McKain

    Humor Palooza

June 2012

Presented by Ron Culberson

    Right Place Right Time

May 2012

Presented by Phil Van Hooser

    A Branding Extravaganza!

April 2012

Presented by Dick Bruso

    Getting Clients/Selling Products

March 2012

Presented by Shep Hyken

    Selling to the Corporate Market

November 2011

Presented by Jill Konrath

    Rainmaker Strategies to Grow Your Business

September 2011

Presented by Ed Robinson

    How to Use Social Media to Turbo-charge your Speaking Business

May 2011

Presented by David Nour

    How to Improve Your Speaking Career by Making Great Strategic Decisions

March 2011

Presented by Jim Cathcart

    Making Meetings Magic

November 2010

Presented by Lou Heckler

    Leave'em Laughing

October 2010

Presented by Lola Gillebaard & Bill Stainton

    Design Your Million Dollor Speaking Engine

September 2010

Presented by Robert Bradford

    How Speakers Can Develop Their Own Million Dollar Web Sites

April 2010

Presented by Chad Barr

    Experience The Meeting of The Future

October 2009

Presented by Matt Homann


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